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About us

Welcome to Ras administrative services B.V

RAS administrative services B.V. is a company consisting of young professionals, that provides various types of financial services for businesses.
RAS administrative services was founded on January 9th 2019. As a company, we surround ourselves with a dynamic, dedicated, and highly professional team.
RAS administrative services and her dynamic and youthful team understands the importance of a stable financial environment.
We strive to achieve maximum satisfaction for each of our customers, which makes us work around the clock to ensure everything is professionally administrated.


RAS administrative services B.V. strives to create a stress-free financial environment, in which all administrative functions are performed correctly and professionally.


Completely correct financial administrations, salary administrations, tax administration, guidance, and financial advice for small, medium, and large businesses in the Netherlands and abroad.

Let RAS administrate your finances.