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We keep your financial statements in order

Your Privacy is in good hands


Building financial trust to uphold the highest ethical standards with outstanding service with each interaction. It’s important for us to build a bond with each of our customers.



As a company will work together with you to consistently demonstrate an unselfish but flourishing relationship with our clients to achieve greatness between both companies. Together we stand divided we fall.


As a team of young and dynamic team of professionals, whose expertise lie in the Financial, Law, and IT sectors. Because of our diverse team, we are able to provide all our customers with maximum care and benefits.
Why us?

RAS administrative services B.V. finds it of utter importance that our clients their financial environment is a healthy one. As a client of RAS, you do not have to concern yourself with your finances, salary administration, and tax returns, because RAS is here for you. RAS guarantees the privacy of all their clients, hence our principles of trust, collaboration and expertise.

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